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Rivanor Masterpiece

The most exclusive cigar cutter in the world

We create the most extraordinary lifestyle uniques

For true aficionados and luxury enthusiasts


Designed and constructed as one of a kind. Made by master craftsmen in Switzerland.

Perfect in every detail

A result that meets the highest standards of quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Made of the finest materials

The perfect combination of the most precious materials as an expression of true style.

Rivanor Masterpiece «CC-Zeus»

Made for a true aficionado

The story of the Rivanor Masterpiece «CC-Zeus» began with a stylish gentleman and his great fondness for cigars. His walk-in humidor on the private estate in Gstaad full of exquisite cigars from the most diverse corners and manufactories of the world make every aficionado’s heart beat faster. «The art of cigar making is like a symphony; the perfect interplay of knowledge, skill and passion», says the unmistakable luxury enthusiast as he closely examines one of his rolled treasures. But in order to truly express his passion, something very special, unique and magnificent was still missing…

The most exclusive cigar cutter in the world.

The only one of its kind

Made of solid gold

Designed by hand, the construction is made entirely of a high quality solid 750 gold alloy. Mechanical components are made of the finest stainless steel.

Handmade in Switzerland

For the perfect cut

Precision blades made of the best stainless steel

The blade parts made of hardened blade steel have optimum wear and friction properties. Cutting width and cutting angle are perfectly matched.

Handmade in Switzerland

Refined in every detail

200 Diamonds

While selectively polished and matte-cut gold surfaces harmonize perfectly, 200 brilliant-cut diamonds complete the unique appearance.

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Our passion for the extraordinary

Each Rivanor Masterpiece is as unique as its owner

The name «Rivanor» stands for the most extraordinary luxury creations in the world. Fascinated by the countless possibilities, we break boundaries, strive for perfection and always try to achieve the impossible. To do this, we gather expert knowledge from all over the world, let only special talents work on our creations and use only the finest materials. Because every Rivanor Masterpiece must be worthy of being called one.