Privacy Policy – Rivanor

Issue 08.2022

Rivanor (hereinafter referred to as “Rivanor,” “we,” or “us”) places great importance on discretion and protecting the privacy of all customers and users (hereinafter referred to as “customer,” “you,” or “your”) of this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Rivanor website” or “website”). We take our responsibility to protect and secure the personal data entrusted to us by you seriously, and we ensure that the information collected, processed, and used during your visit to the Rivanor website is best protected.

1 Consent Statement

By accessing the website RIVANOR.COM (hereinafter referred to as the “Rivanor website” or “website”) and its pages, as well as the products, services, information, tools, documents, and all other elements contained or described therein, you declare that you have understood and unconditionally and unrestrictedly acknowledge the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “PP”) presented herein, including all the conditions contained therein and all related legal notices. If you do not agree, or only partially agree, you are prohibited from accessing the Rivanor website or any of its elements.

2 Terms

Rivanor® is a registered product, service, and trade mark of Gold Swiss AG, based in Zug (CH). For simplicity, the use of dual designations is omitted below. Furthermore, in order to facilitate understanding, feminine-masculine double forms are omitted in all forms, and the singular form is used even when referring to the plural.

Rivanor: Refers to the brand and its trademark right holder – Gold Swiss AG.
Customer/You: All visitors and users of the Rivanor website.
PP: Privacy Policy

3 Applicability & Scope

Rivanor is committed to complying with the right to privacy protection and the prevention of misuse of personal data for each customer, as mandated by Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution, the Data Protection Act (DSG) of the Swiss Confederation, and the European Data Protection Act (GDPR).

While Rivanor adheres to the aforementioned regulations without exception, it cannot guarantee the complete confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, and availability of personal data, as such data may be accessible in countries lacking adequate data protection legislation.

This Privacy Policy (PP) aims to clarify the type of data collected from users of the website, how it is collected, and the purposes for which Rivanor collects, shares, and discloses such data. It applies to all information obtained by Rivanor through your use of the website and does not extend to third-party websites that are not affiliated with Rivanor and may be linked on the Rivanor website. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of those sites, as Rivanor assumes no responsibility for their content or privacy practices. This Privacy Policy, along with the Terms of Use, constitutes the user agreement between you and Rivanor when accessing the Rivanor website or its parts and elements, particularly the information contained therein. Any specific contractual arrangements made with Rivanor in writing, as well as applicable laws and regulations, take precedence over these Terms of Use.


4 How information is collected

​We collect information about you through the Rivanor website or when you request or utilize other services and products offered by Rivanor. This information is collected through various means, including:

  • Online forms, applications, questionnaires, etc.
  • Registration or login processes
  • Tracking systems
  • Email communication or attachments
  • Paper forms, personal letters, or correspondence
  • Coupons, applications, questionnaires, etc.
  • Records that may be used for internal training or educational purposes
  • Phone conversations with our staff

These methods are used to collect information about your personal details, company, or user behavior during your access to the Rivanor website or its parts, as well as when utilizing electronic transmission systems.

5 What information is collected

Among others, we may collect the following types of personal and non-personal data:

  • Personal details (name, first name, date of birth, etc.)
  • Login information (username, password, etc.)
  • Addresses (street, postal code, city, etc.)
  • Contact details (phone number, mobile number, email, etc.)
  • Payment information (bank account details, etc.)
  • Products and services (type of offerings, etc.)
  • Demographic information (age, creditworthiness, etc.)
  • Tracking data (IP address, visited pages, etc.)

These categories encompass both personal and non-personal data that may be collected during your interactions with Rivanor.

6 Purpose of collecting information

Rivanor uses data, especially personal data, to improve the quality of products and services we offer to our customers and to maintain address/contact details of individuals with whom we have a business relationship. Additionally, we use personal data to inform you about updates or changes to our services and products, strictly in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • The evaluation of non-personal information serves statistical purposes and is also applied to enhance and optimize the website structure and online offerings.
7 Handling of personal data

Access to personal information is strictly limited to those organs, employees, agents, and assistants who need this information for the provision of products and services. We only use personal information about our customers or former customers for the purposes outlined in Article 6.

When a customer accesses personal data or processes it, including customers from abroad, it is the responsibility of the respective customer to take measures (such as handling data confidentially, promptly deleting unnecessary personal data, etc.) to ensure adequate data protection.

8 Security measures

Rivanor employs both organizational and electronic security measures to adequately protect personal data against unauthorized access, accidental or intentional manipulation, and loss. This includes, for example, access control regulations for all organs, employees, agents, and assistants of Rivanor, as well as the use of personal passwords and encryption or authentication technologies.

9 Disclosure of information

Rivanor may disclose all data to its own organs, employees, as well as agents and assistants within Switzerland for the purpose of providing services on behalf of Rivanor. Furthermore, non-personal data, especially tracking data, may be transmitted to Google for analytical purposes. Our organs, employees, agents, and assistants who have access to personal data collected through the website are obligated to ensure data protection. We may also disclose your data to Swiss government authorities, regulatory authorities, or other individuals in compliance with applicable regulations, orders, subpoenas, official requests, or similar procedures, as required or permitted by law.

10 Data transfer over the Internet

The Internet is generally considered to be insecure. Unauthorized third parties may access information that you transmit over the Internet. This may result in the disclosure or alteration of such information, or technical errors may occur. Even if the sender and recipient are located in the same country, data transmitted over the Internet may leave the respective country and be forwarded to a country where less stringent data protection requirements apply than in the country where you reside.

The use of the Internet or the transmission of data over the Internet is at the discretion and sole responsibility of the customer, who acknowledges the following provision: Rivanor is not responsible or liable for the security of data at any time while it is being transmitted or sent to Rivanor in any form over the Internet.

11 Cookies

The entire Rivanor website uses so-called “session cookies” for statistical purposes and to improve and optimize the website. These cookies are completely anonymized and do not contain any personal data. By accessing the Rivanor website or parts thereof, you agree to the use of cookies for this purpose.

a) What is a Cookie
Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer to track your website visit and browsing behavior as you navigate between different pages and, in some cases, to store settings between your visits. Cookies help gather statistical data on how often individuals visit certain areas or pages within the website. This enables and supports the development of customized websites that are more useful and user-friendly.

b) What Rivanor uses cookies for
The cookies stored on the Rivanor website are used for the following purposes:

  • Determining the number and type of visits to the website and its pages to identify optimization or improvement potential.
  • Collecting statistical data on the number of users or returning users and their usage patterns to improve the performance and speed of the Rivanor website pages.
  • Storing user preferences for screen layout, including preferred language.
  • Creating anonymous interest groups (clusters).
  • Displaying content and advertisements based on individual customer interests.
  • Automatic login, if explicitly requested.

c) Third party cookies
Rivanor may use third-party plug-ins and components to analyze user behavior. These components may also use cookies for similar purposes. Neither these third parties nor Rivanor have access to the data collected by the other party through cookies.

d) Delete cookies
You can choose to reject the use of cookies at any time by deleting them from your internet browser or preventing the installation of cookies through the appropriate settings in your browser software. However, please note that by doing so, you may not be able to fully utilize all the features of the Rivanor website.

12 Newsletter

The newsletter is sent to customers or interested parties either by email or in paper form, only to those who have explicitly requested its delivery by providing relevant information. The recipient can unsubscribe from the mailing list or update their contact details at any time.

The customer agrees that Rivanor may use a server located outside of Switzerland, under the control of third parties, for sending the newsletter, and that the data collected through the newsletter may be stored on this server, with third parties having access to it. Rivanor disclaims any liability for the handling of such data and information. Claims for damages of any kind are excluded.

13 Disclaimer

Rivanor is obliged to comply with data protection regulations with the usual business care. If Rivanor, its officers, employees, agents, or assistants violate this obligation and thereby cause damage, Rivanor is liable for such damage. If no obligation is violated, the user alone bears the damage caused by unauthorized access, data loss, data manipulation, or similar circumstances.

Rivanor generally disclaims any liability claims for damages resulting from the loss, manipulation, dissemination, or similar actions of personal data by unauthorized third parties, if the affected data has been transmitted to Rivanor in any form via the Internet (e.g., email, contact form, etc.). Claims for compensation or similar claims are excluded.

Further supplementary conditions regarding the exclusion of liability are specified in the “Terms of Use“.

14 Amendment of the privacy policy

Rivanor reserves the right to amend the privacy policy at any time. Customers are advised to regularly review the contents of this document, and the version published on the Rivanor website RIVANOR.COM shall be deemed current and valid.